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What We Value

1.  The Word of God

The Word of God is the avenue for our understanding of all that exists, past, present and future. God reveals His character, virtues and the terms of His relationship with man through His Word. God’s face is seen, His faithfulness is established, His mercy demonstrated and His unconditional love is declared through His Word in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ. The Word of God inspires, empowers, provides spiritual order, and shares the benefits of a reciprocal relationship between God and man. Therefore God’s Word is the basis for and the rule by which all will be measured relative to the mission and to the ministries of the Dove Ministries.

2.  Dynamic Ministries

We embrace the dynamic power and gifting of the Holy Spirit working through distinctively Pentecostal ministries, deeply rooted in the experience of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We believe our ministries will reflect this supernatural dimension in effective evangelism, the manifestation of spiritual gifts, holiness of heart, and power for service.

3.  Ministry Leadership

The Dove Ministry Network is based on the New Testament ministry concept of biblical apostolic leadership. Through God-sent, fresh, anointed preaching of the gospel we anticipate the continual expansion of His kingdom. Our leadership is firmly committed to this process by enlisting, equipping, empowering and releasing ministry to every community . Through relational leadership that is spiritually responsible, accountable, humble and not eager for selfish gain.

4.  Mentoring Ministers

We are committed to the education and training of ministers in order to develop leadership that recognizes and facilitates the gifting of people. We understand that good pastoral leadership and passionate preaching come only from a life that has surrendered itself to Christ. This surrendered life is evidenced in godly character and ethical living. We believe networking will provide the connection and encouragement that is crucial to ministerial excellence. God commands good stewardship in all He has entrusted to us. Therefore we encourage and make a place for the mentoring, coaching, and accountability for young ministers.

5.  Missions

Our vision is local, national, and global in partnership with ministers and missionaries persistently taking the message to the whole world. Empowered by the Holy Spirit we are determined to equip, enable, and inspire individuals to be involved in missions for God at all times, at all places. We believe a church with no vision for missions has no reason to exist.

7.  Kingdom Networking

We are committed to the unity of the body through Kingdom Networking. We see connection as an opportunity to empower and resource the Body of Christ. Our heart is to unselfishly and sacrificially minister to those who will join us in voluntary cooperation without compromising the biblical foundations of this movement. We believe God will honor a commitment to diversity with an explosion of the power of the Holy Spirit.

8.  Cultural Relevance

We desire to be a community of believers that are culturally relevant in communication and in compassionate response to the immediate and long-term needs of people within the influence of the Dove Ministry Network. We seek innovative ways to adapt our methods of interaction with an ever-changing culture while maintaining Scriptural integrity.

Why We Exist 

  • To Empower Ministries
  • To Equip Leaders
  • To Encourage Community


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